Car Talk VDS joins CARS

Frequently Asked Questions 
How will this impact my donors? 
Your donors will continue to enjoy the high level of service and care they’ve always received. CARS conducts donor satisfaction surveys on a regular basis and consistently receives excellent marks using the Net Promoter Score approach. In addition to excellent service, your donors will continue to have the option to donate by phone or online and will enjoy extended call center hours, including weekends. 
Will my point person change? 
No. Your point of contact will remain the same. Our team is making this transition together and we look forward to continuing the high level of service you’ve come to expect. 
Will I have access to senior management at CARS? 
Yes. Any member of the senior management team at CARS is available to you and your donors. 
Where is the call center located? What hours/days do they take calls? 
CARS offers extended hours and is also open 7 days a week to take donation calls. They operate two call centers, one in Southern California and one in Oregon, with additional representatives in New Mexico and Colorado. Customer Support Representatives take calls M-F from 5a-7p PST, Sat from 6a-5p PST and Sun from 8a-430p PST.
Will our vehicle donation hotline number change? 
No, your hotline number will not change.  
Do we have to change our vehicle donation URL? 
Yes. In August, we sent an email prompting your station to change its VDP URL by Sept 7. If you successfully completed that change, nothing more is needed. If you did not change your URL, please do so now. The change should be easy for your web master or IT department to implement. Please make this change before October 1, 2018. If you have any questions, please reach out to your point of contact (Twyla, Cari or Beth) for assistance. 
Who will send tax information to my donors? 
Any new vehicle donors AFTER OCT 1 will receive tax information from CARS. 
When and how will these changes take place? 
Starting October 1, 2018, all donations made through our online portals will be processed by CARS. Stations must change their vehicle donation URL by that date in order to receive uninterrupted service. 
Will my fee and/or rate structure change? 
CARS will honor all agreements currently in force with V-Dac.  
Will we need to sign a new contract? 
Yes. Stations will be required to sign a new contract at the end of their existing contract. Your station will seamlessly transition to a CARS contract. 
How do I find out when my existing contract with V-Dac expires? 
Please reach out to your point of contact (Twyla, Cari or Beth) for assistance.
Will we still have access to Car Talk VDS promotional materials?
Yes, you will still have access to materials provided on the Program Manager’s page. 
Can we continue to use the promotional materials we’ve downloaded from the Car Talk VDS Program Manager’s page? 
Will we have access to new marketing materials from CARS?
Yes. CARS provides great marketing support and complementary content throughout the year as well as donor research findings and philanthropy screening of your vehicle donors. CARS radio spots are available on Content Depot, making it easy to integrate with your station’s ops system. 
Will the Car Talk VDP website still exist and will it continue to send revenue to our station? Will that revenue be included in my monthly check from CARS?
Yes and yes. 
Will Car Talk re-runs, podcasts, and syndicated news columns continue to promote vehicle donation and provide a pathway to donate to my station?
We anticipate that Car Talk will continue to promote vehicle donation and that your station will continue to benefit from this relationship. 
What else do I need to know about CARS?
Unlike other vehicle donation programs, CARS is a 501c3 nonprofit and prides itself on transparency, accountability and donor service. CARS controls all aspects of the vehicle donation process, including vehicle intake, routing, issue resolution, payments, marketing, thank you letters, tax receipts, titles, tickets and tolls. CARS is also ISO-9001 certified, ensuring great service and regulatory compliance and does not rely on a single supplier as other donation programs do. Coming together with CARS means greater leverage with suppliers to get the best possible price for your vehicles. For a partial list of organizations CARS works with, please visit