New On-Air Promos and Web Banners for Tax Season!

We love tax season (said no one, ever!)

But actually, we kind of do love it. Why? Because vehicle donation is a meaningful and helpful way for your listeners and viewers to get a tax break and support your station!


We couldn't help ourselves... We've got brand new on-air promos featuring none other than Car Talk's Ray Magliozzi. They're ready for your air, now! Get a sneak listen right here.

Plus, check out our creative new web banners so you can reach your audience online. These web banners are a great way to remind your listeners and viewers that donating their car or truck to your station not only is a great way to lower their taxes but an amazing way to support the programs they love.



This fresh content adds to our stocked library of on-air and online content available for your station, all the time. Don't miss out. Let us help you bring in more and more donations!

Dowload all of our content, right here!

Not a Car Talk Vehicle Donation Member yet? No sweat. Just shoot Cari Ness Nesje a note and she'll get you hooked up.