Car Talk VDS Honors Top Vehicle Donation Stations: MPR, St. Louis Public Radio, WHYY and WCBE Win Rusty Hubcap Awards! 

It's that time of year when we at Car Talk Vehicle Donation Services award the prestigous Rusty Hubcap Awards. Yes, after the Oscars and the Grammys, it's time for the beloved Rustys! This is when we roll out the red floor mat to stations whose vehicle donation programs really sped past expectations. You are all rock stars in our junkyard but these folks have made it to the Rusty Hall of Fame. So without further ado...

Minnesota Public Radio Wins for Outstanding Performance

We love it when stations go big. The folks at MPR decided to go huuuge. They hauled away an impressive 1,050 vehicles in 2016!


Bob Breck, Amy Wielunski, Matt Becker, Emily Kittleson, Amanda Rothstein, Nicole Lovold, and Liz Meyers


"We deeply appreciate the support of Car Talk in several new promotional strategies this year," wrote Bob Breck, Director of Membership. "This included expanded on-air promotion in November, as well as production and distribution of over 2,500 jar openers promoting vehicle donation at the Minnesota State Fair last August. 

“We’re proud to accept CarTalk VDS’s Rusty Hubcap award for 2016 on behalf of our team, but also on behalf of our members and supporters. The value that they place in all of our stations—News, Classical, and the Current—literately and figuratively drove this honor. Minnesota winters are tough on cars, but vehicle donations are an important additional way for our listeners to contribute to MPR, and we’re grateful for our ongoing partnership with CarTalk.” —Bob Breck, Minnesota Public Radio

St. Louis Public Radio Is Our Rising Star

It's awesome when a station really revs up their vehicle donation program and this year, the Rising Star catagory had some serious competition. St. Louis Public Radio managed to go above and beyond, making an impressive leap from 2015 to 2016 both in revenue and volume of donations.


Shelley Kerley, Tim Eby, Denise Beckett Hamilton, Ben Chambers


“We were honored to find out we won this year’s “Rising Star” Rusty Hubcap Award! It came as a welcome surprise! Thank you to Twyla, Cari, Beth, and everybody at Car Talk who has helped make this possible. Your wonderful marketing materials and quick, courteous customer service have made it easy to grow our program. You’ve helped donors get rid of their old cars and our station to get closer to our revenue goals for the year - a win for everybody! We look forward to the continued growth of our vehicle donation program (and more Rusty Hubcaps!) in the years ahead.” —Ben Chambers, St. Louis Public Radio, 90.7 KWMU

WHYY Wins for Most Valuable Vehicle

We here at Car Talk VDS have a soft spot for gorgeous vintage cars. So when a generous donor gave WHYY the keys to a mint condition 1972 Jaguar E-Type Series III, we were drooling. The cherry on top? This sweet car brought in an extrordinary $30,000 to the station!


1972 Jaguar E-Type Series III. Photo courtesy ARS


“The dedicated team at Car Talk VDS has steered us on the road to success," wrote Art Ellis, VP Communications and Member Relations at WHYY. "With bumper stickers, buck slips, e-mails and those great radio and TV spots, our audience knows how to turn their old vehicles into new programs. We’ve seen Beetles, Mustangs, Broncos, Sables and Cobras. But it was the sleekest of animals, a Jaguar, that really put us in the headlights. Though PennDOT may put obstacles on the customer service highway, we’ll never tire of our aspirations. Thank you for this great honor. The vehicle donation program is one member venture that will certainly not be scrapped.” - Art Ellis, VP Communications and Member Relations at WHYY

Suzanne Fiske, Art Ellis and Karina Selhorn of WHYY membership staff

WCBE Brings in the Oldest Vehicle

It's amazing to see what oldies but goodies listeners and viewers are hiding in their garages and this year, WCBE was the proud recipient of a 1941 Plymouth Special Deluxe. Imagine the stories this car could tell. Imagine how many more stories it will tell as part of WCBE's wonderful programs!


1941 Plymouth Special Deluxe. Photo courtesy ARS


“Few words can adequately describe how we felt upon learning WCBE had earned the Rusty for oldest vehicle donated. Each staff member reacted in his or her own way:  honored. Thrilled. Delighted. And, most commonly, 'A rusty what?!' We’re all truly pleased as punch. Earning a Rusty Hubcap has been a goal for our Development team for years. We’ve been eager participants of the CTVDS from the moment we signed up…and, from that moment on, everyone there – Cari, Twyla, et al – has provided amazing service. And they constantly generate new, innovative, and fun ideas for improving vehicle donations. When you get down to it, that wondrous service from fantastic people is what we’re truly thankful for. CTVDS is firing on all cylinders!” - Dan Mushalko, General Manager, WCBE 90.5 FM


Natalie Uzee, Dan Mushalko and Heather Anderson

Interested in winning a Rusty Hubcap Award? Past winners share similar traits: they set competitive goals, maximize resources, and keep a steady drum beat of promotion year-round. They're also members. Contact Twyla or Cari for motivation and find out how your station can join!