New Thank-a-Thon Promos Featuring Ray Magliozzi!

Car Talk's Ray Magliozzi is always the first to say thanks... to the station volunteers during pledge drives, to the traffic police for not towing his car, to his wife for letting him sleep in the basement instead of the garage!

So it comes as no surprise that Ray was happy to help with new on-air promos thanking your station's vehicle donors! November is a time to give thanks, and what better folks to thank than your generous listeners who've turned their cars into the programs they love, than with an on-air shout out from Ray?

Take a listen as Ray thanks your donors in true Car Talk style! Download Ray's promos now!


Ray in his native habitat, soaking up the sun with a cappuccino nearby!


In addition to Ray's promos, we've got Thank-a-Thon web graphics so you can thank your vehicle donors online, too. All of our content is ready to go. Just add your local station tag and get these promos on your air and on your web site right now!

And from all of us at Car Talk Vehicle Donation Services, thank YOU for partnering with us to turn more cars into the programs we all love!


Not a Car Talk Vehicle Donation Member yet? No worries! Drop Cari Ness Nesje a note and she'll get you hooked up.