New On-Air Promos and Web Banners Featuring Corey Flintoff and Kelly McEvers are Here!

We know listeners love hearing from their favorite NPR voices and these new on-air promos featuring Corey Flintoff and Kelly McEvers are sure to become hits with your audience!

Listen here to how Corey Flintoff adapted to driving on challenging Russian roads. Find out how Kelly McEvers toasted her first car (and nearly the garage, too!)

These two trusted and beloved voices share the benefits of vehicle donation while keeping your audience laughing all the way through donating their own vehicle to your station!



That's not all. Make sure to download the new batch of web banners for Kelly and Corey, designed to connect you with your audience online, on-air and on the go.




These are some of our favorite on-air promos and we know you'll love them too. Not a Car Talk Vehicle Donation Services member yet? No problem! Just drop Twyla a note and she'll get you off and racing.