Just Released: On-Air Promos and Web Banners for Summer!

Summer's here and that means we've got a trunkful of new, seasonal promotional content for your station!

To start, you asked for more from Car Talk's Ray Magliozzi.... so here he is!

We've got new on-air promos from Ray... who, as always, will make your listeners smile as he shares a gentle reminder about the value of vehicle donation.

Take a listen to these new promos, right here.


Then, check out our new summer web banners designed to connect with your online audience.

Ray's on-air promos and web banners are just what your station needs to wrap up fiscal year-end fundraising and keep driving vehicle donations your way all summer long!

It's ready to go... and it's only for Car Talk Vehicle Donation Services partners! You can download the new content, right here.



Not a Car Talk Vehicle Donation Services Member yet? Never fear. Twyla can hook you up!