New On-Air Promos and Web Banners Featuring Melissa Block!

We've got new on-air promos featuring NPR's Melissa Block!

We know how much listeners trust their favorite NPR voices and we think they'll love this new batch, too. 

Take a listen? Check them out here.



Melissa shares the benefits of vehicle donation along with personal stories of her beloved Mini Cooper. Your audience will laugh out loud! They'll cry! They'll start grabbing titles and donating every car in sight. 

Okay, hopefully they won't donate their neighbor's car but we know Melissa's message will hit home, causing folks to eye that old car in their driveway, and make a call on your station's behalf. You can count on it. 

We've got supporting materials, too! Download a full set of web banners here and reach your audience everywhere they are-- online or by their radio.

Put all this great new content to work for your station, right now. Not a Car Talk Vehicle Donation Partner yet? No worries! Just shoot Twyla a note and she'll get you hooked up.